Why I Love CAS

By Ethan Johnson, 8th Grade

In summer 2013, I had just wrapped up a year being online schooled by K12.  I thoroughly hated that school year, and I knew I was ready to go back to a physical school.

My mom allowed me to have a say in the school I’d choose.  In the end, I was simply left with a choice between CAS and Town and Country, which is within reasonable walking distance of my home.  I had no idea what either school would be like.  At my first school, I only heard bad things about CAS.  I had friends at Town and Country, which made me want to go there even more.

In frustration, I went to the CAS website, confronted with this difficult decision.  As I read about the offerings, I heard a voice in my head as I read, telling me, “Choose CAS.”  With newfound confidence, I told my mom, “I choose CAS.”

In August, I knew nobody.  I felt so lonely… until I noticed a familiar face in my classroom.  She was Jakia Davis, a friend of mine from fourth grade.  Speaking of the classroom, one thing that caught my eye was the size of the classes.  Compared to other schools, we have small classes.  My class has 13 students only (out of 28 eighth graders)!  Anyway, I made my first friend at CAS (Tino Llanes-Gibbs) on the very first day!  Friends often outnumber bullies at CAS.  Not, to say there are none, but few compared to other schools.

At CAS was my introduction to the Scripps National Spelling Bee.  I used to think it was just for super-smart kids… until I made it to the state level.  One of my main motivations was our school’s motto, “Higher Standards; Higher Expectations.”  Everyone at my school takes the motto seriously, including me.

Even now, I am headed to the 2016 County Spelling Bee, having secured a third victory at the school level.

CAS has inspired me to do great things.  Although I have plenty of friends attending JCMS, I never regret my decision.

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New Club Offerings this Spring

CAS High School has some new club offerings this semester at our Sierra Vista campus!  We provide a safe and secure environment for your student from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday-Friday.  Please stop by or call (520) 439-3500 for more information.

HS Spring Clubs

A PDF of the schedule is available under High School News.

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PULSE, High School Ensemble, & Aftercare Choir Featured in Fall Concert

The PULSE and high school ensemble performing Santa Got Run Over By A Reindeer (2:00) Star W., Reyna L., Erin B., Allysia O., Samantha K., Kailla S., Mackenzie D., Alexys R., Ashlee P., Cipriana G., and Mackenzie C.

The PULSE and high school ensemble performing Santa Got Run Over By A Reindeer (2:00) Star W., Reyna L., Erin B., Allysia O., Samantha K., Kailla S., Mackenzie D., Alexys R., Ashlee P., Cipriana G., and Mackenzie C.

December 3, 2015 the choir students from CAS, under the direction of Rose Marie Dokken, held their fall concert at 2:00 for students and 4:00 for family.  Performing groups were junior high PULSE, after-care choir, and a high school ensemble.  The high school performed songs that were Christmas (both serious and funny), current pop songs, a spiritual, and one selection from the musical Flower Drum Song.  The PULSE did several selections of which included instruments, choreography, and even a visit from Santa!

The PULSE (4:00)– Shaun O., Erin B., Reyna L., Allysia O., Mackenzie D., Alexys R., Ashlee P., Cipriana G., Piano – Mrs. Dokken and Mackenzi C.

The PULSE (4:00)– Shaun O., Erin B., Reyna L., Allysia O., Mackenzie D., Alexys R., Ashlee P., Cipriana G., Piano – Mrs. Dokken and Mackenzi C.

After-care choir dazzled the audience with 4 selections which were 2 and 3 part singing.  They ranged from Celtic music to yodeling and scat singing. Refreshments were donated by Baker’s Flor.  Our door prize winners were June O’Brien (Texas Roadhouse) and David Pietro (Olive Garden).

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CAS: The Best School

Written by:  Keyauntay Gardner, 7th Grade

What makes CAS such a good school? This is what I asked myself when I first came to this school about 4 years ago. Keyauntay Gardner is my name and I am in 7th grade. As I’ve gone through my school years at CAS I realized that it’s better here than the other schools I’ve been to. This school provides free food, after care, and many other things that you don’t have to pay for. Some kids might complain about silly things like someone bothering them or other small things. I want you to realize yourself that you have it made here at CAS!

Students show off their biggest smiles and their school pride

Students show off their biggest smiles and their school pride

I’ve gone around school and asked administration and staff about what makes this school different from other ones. Mr. Loucks and I talked about why our school is better than other public schools. During this talk I realized that I really didn’t need to ask what makes our school a good one—it is obvious. CAS is more organized than every school I’ve been to so far and on top of that, this is the only school where I feel like I can call others around me family. Most importantly, CAS has teachers who really care about you and want to help you.

A group of middle school friends pose for a photo

A group of middle school friends pose for a photo

The last person we interviewed was Ms. Garza. Ms. Garza has been here since CAS first opened and even helped build some of the desks you sit in today. Ms. Garza told us that she really loves the staff and sees the whole school as her family. Seeing her old students grow up fills her with joy but, it is hard for her to let go of her students once they have grown up. Just from her comments you can see there are people here, like Ms. Garza, who really care about you and want to help you succeed in life. I’ve been to schools where the teachers just work to work and students are not their first priority. Here at CAS students are always the first priority and the most important thing to the teachers.

Over all, CAS is loving, organized, has a staff full of people who care, and provides students with almost everything for free. You go to a great school; respect it and take care of it because the people here are the ones helping you plan the future.

For more stories like this, check out the CAS Chronicle on our Sierra Vista Campus page.

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Sierra Vista High School Celebrates the Christmas Spirit: December 7th-10th

Christmas Spirit Week 2015

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CAS Holds First Music Concert October 8th

Students singing

Students singing “Dr. Seuss, We Love You”

The first (Meyers) and second (Horka) grade classes presented a concert under the direction of Rose Marie Dokken on Thursday, October 8th entitled A Book is a Magic Carpet.  Students came dressed in their favorite storybook characters.  The children performed 13 songs for a full cafeteria at  the 2:00 p.m. matinee  for the school staff and students  and 4:00 p.m. for their family and friends.

Members of the classes are:  Mrs. Meyer’s – Leann A., Jasiel A., Asia B., Julien B., Josiah C., Annahi G., Matison H., Karianna L., Kayden L., Gabriel M., Maya M., Dallas P., Angel P., Olivia P., Nathan R., Mariah S., Leanna S., Jabre S., Ethan S., Kayleigh S., Danica S., Emery T., and Dynim W.  Mrs. Horka’s – Camren A., Sebastian A., Nicolaus B., Lisette C., Salvador C., Jacob C., Isreal D., Madison E., Vicente F., Ayla G., Shelby H., Jaslene H., Alijah H., Nayimah J., Jeremiah K., Alyssa M., AleXavier M., James O., Serenity O., Jesus R., Cariline R., Mathew S., Sabine V., Jeremy V., and Caedyn W.

Students singing

Students singing “Baby Beluga”

A special “Thank You” to the parents for the darling costumes, Mrs. Meyers and Ms. Horka  for the extra practices and running the music and Miss Voshel and Ms. Marshall for their help with art.  Light refreshments were served following the concert, thanks to generous donations by Target and Subway.  Door prize winners were Isaias Rojas (Chili’s) and Samuel Auger (Peter Piper Pizza).

The next concert is 5th grade’s Patriotism program on November 5th.

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Sierra Vista Elementary and Middle School Spirit Week is 10/26 -10/30

spirit week

Spirit Week

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Yearbook Sparks New Interest in Students

History is being made at CAS! This is the first year that students will have a yearbook, and have creative input on the structure and aesthetics of the yearbook. Although nothing is set in stone just yet, members of the yearbook club have said they’ve made it very student friendly and want it to feel like every class has their own unique trait. In previous years, CAS has not had a yearbook only adding to the excitement for the new addition to our school. Julie Mendoza, Senior, said “I love that each class gets to choose characteristics for the yearbook that seems really fun.” Mendoza also mentions that she feels like many other students will enjoy the way that the yearbook will be constructed around them. Mrs. Hughes, Journalism and Yearbook teacher said “I’m just hoping that this year’s yearbook captures the enthusiasm and pizazz of the CAS community.

The yearbook should highlight all that CAS has to offer, especially the great things our students have accomplished and been a part of throughout the school year.” Mrs. Hughes has mentioned that yearbook is off to a great start and hopes that the first CAS yearbook will set an example for many yearbooks to come. If you have any suggestions for yearbook themes and ideas or are seeking advice, please visit the suggestion box in the front office.
–Allison Zavala, Senior

For more stories like this, check out the CAS Chronicle on our Sierra Vista Campus page.

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State Board of Education Announces Website for Feedback on K-12 Standards

Phoenix, Ariz. – September 17, 2015

The State Board of Education (SBE) has created a website for Arizonans to review and provide comment on Arizona’s Mathematics (math) and English language arts (ELA) Academic Standards.

The site, https://k12standards.az.gov, provides parents, teachers, community members, and others an easy way to review the current standards and provide their thoughts on how the standards can be improved. This information will be used to assist the state in the improvement of Arizona’s current academic standards.

In addition to the site, the SBE is working with county superintendents to host meetings around Arizona so people may provide their thoughts on the standards via a public meeting. Dates of the meetings will be released in the coming weeks.

Comments on the standards may also be mailed to:
State Board of Education
Attn: K12 Standards Public Input
1700 W. Washington
Executive Tower Suite 300
Phoenix, Arizona 85007

For information about the Arizona Standards Development Committee, click HERE.

Read the Chairman of the Arizona Standards Development Committee, Scott Leska’s, letter to the Charter Schools, HERE.

Links to the K-12 Math and English Language Arts Standards may also be found on The Center for Academic Success website under “Important Information.”

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CAS is Awarded the 21st Century Grant

CAS logoThe Center for Academic Success is proud and excited to announce that we have been awarded the 21st Century Community Learning Centers grant for our high school.  This is in addition to the program we have had at the elementary and middle school for the past six years.  This grant will assist us in providing opportunities before and after the regular academic school day.  We are extending our school day from 7:00am to 5:00pm.  These extended hours will allow our students opportunities to receive additional assistance with their regular classes, tutoring or homework help. It will also provide opportunities to catch up on classes or move ahead in their studies. We will also provide enrichment clubs and activities to include; Robotics, Wall Art, Yearbook, Zumba, Solar Go Cart, and many more.  We invite parents and students to take advantage of this opportunity where we can continue to provide a safe, secure supervised learning environment, both before and after school.

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