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The Student Voice: CAS Election 2016.

Thursday, October 27th will be a day for the high school students at The Center for Academic Success to have a say in what candidate they feel would be the best to run our country. It is student voting day tomorrow, and Mr. Barkley’s Social Studies class has been prepping for the election for the past few weeks, learning about all the candidates and what they stand for. Some of the students voice their opinions about who they are voting for and why.

“I am voting for Jill Stein,” says Allison Zavala, “she has a better approach to issues than the other candidates, and wants to raise taxes on the one percent, and help out the middle class.”

“I am writing in Bernie Sanders.” States Maria Garcia, “Sanders seems to be able to simplify the issues, and makes better sense than the other candidates.”

Andrew Alvarez believes Donald Trump is the best choice, “He wants to build a wall to show our country’s strength and security.”

The outcome of this election is sure to be an interesting one, as there does not seem to be a dominate favorite among the students. All the candidates have been carefully researched and presented to the class for a fair election, with emphasis on the electoral process as part of the lesson. Mr. Barkley has had his students campaigning, and now we wait to see how it all turns out.KODAK Digital Still Camera At 3:30 on October 27th, CAS will know just who they favor as the right person to run our country.

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