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A Lesson in Freedom: MI Field-trip

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With the election closely looming, it is hard not to think about a lesson in the electoral process, or the effects of the outcome for that matter. For Mr. Barkley’s Young Historian Club, a trip to the US Army Military Intelligence Museum (MI) on Fort Huachuca this past Friday brought to light another lesson in the voting process, the right to vote as well. Looking at the artifacts, such as a piece of the Berlin Wall brought to light the very ideal of how American citizen’s have more freedoms and rights than many people in various places through out the world. The MI gives students a chance to learn about how the military plays an important role in protecting those rights through gathering information about countries and organizations that may threaten what we value most, our freedom. If you would like to learn more about the interesting history of Military Intelligence, plan a trip to the U.S. Army Military Intelligence Museum (MI Museum). thumbnail_img_0574

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