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3rd Grade Santa Sentiments…

KODAK Digital Still CameraLetters to Santa have been inspiring  Mrs. Santiago’s and Mrs. Ramirez’s third grade class to beef up their writing skills this week. Some of the sweetest requests ever made have been from the minds of 8 and 9 year-olds. Of course many of them are concerned about being good this year, and are asking for gifts, but all of the students seem to be aware that asking to help those in need is part of being a responsible citizen during the holiday season. Here are some of the examples of what the students are writing for:

“Y’all  are busy, I get it, but I want to get one thing. I want to end world hunger because it’s not fair to human beings. At least give them a sandwich, please try to.” Alex

“I want for homeless people to have a home, a good year, lots of food and then to also get 20 dollars. Santa, that would be the best present ever from you.” Ayla

“Oh! What I want for other people is for them to love each other. Thanks, Santa.” Vicente

“I want my Dad to come for Christmas. He is in the Army. I saw him when I was a little girl. His name is Ray. If you see him, tell him I miss him.” Joseline

Keep up the warm wishes CAS third grade, we love reading the ideas, and we are sure your thoughts will give many people a happy holiday season.

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