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Online Course Access At Home

Another great advantage of CAS is students that take Independent Study Online Courses, may access them from home. Follow the simple directions to download the A+ Anywhere program at home to continue to work on your online course. Important: Only Internet Explorer will support the Java Update at this time.



  1. Access the SV High School Tab at the top of the CAS Webpage.
  2. Scroll down and click on the A+ Anywhere Login.
  3. Choose the A+LS Client button. images
  4. A prompt to download Java may pop up if Java is not updated on your computer.
  5. Update Java, and the program should run.
  6. The best web-browsers for the program are Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome.
  7. An icon will appear on your desktop once you compete the process, for easy access the next time you log into A+.
  8. Always use the “stop signs” to exit the program when you log

Thank you for choosing CAS as your school of choice!

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