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CAS Pulse Choir, Fall Concert!

The students in Mrs. Santiago’s class performed the first concert of the school year under the direction of Rose Marie Dokken on Tuesday, September 26th.  The students did much narrating and sang 12 songs. A matinee was presented at 2:00 for school students and staff.  The concert for family was at 4:00.  The class did an AWESOME job and the audiences enjoyed the shows.  The class will be performing their concert on Friday, Sept. 29th at Mt. View Gardens Retirement Facility.  Members of the class are Carlos A., Mona B., Trystan C., Charles F., Annahi G., Ella G., Adriana H., Karianna L., Angela L., Abrianna L., Gabriel M., Maya M., Faith O., Dallas P., Eddie P., Davi R., Kyliann S., Max S., Danica S., Layloni T. and Emery T.  Refreshments were provided by Sweet Lizard Frozen Yogurt Shop and Long Realty.  Door prize winners were Sheena Lundy (Papa’s Diner) and Monique Tercero (J’s Kitchen).KODAK Digital Still Camera

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