CAS Dress Code Policy

Before you dash to the store to pick out that perfect, new “back to school” outfit, please take a moment to read through our dress code policy below, with a printable version found here.  


Students at the Center for Academic Success will be expected to conform to a uniform dress code.  This uniform shall consist of a solid red or navy blue polo shirt and khaki or denim shorts, pants, or skirts.


Students are required to wear a short-sleeved polo shirt in solid red, white, or navy blue.  Students who are often cold are encouraged and permitted to wear a long-sleeved shirt in a solid red, white, or blue underneath the polo, or may wear a long-sleeved polo shirt in the approved uniform colors.  All shirts must be an appropriate size for the wearer.  Dramatically oversized shirts are not permitted.  The shirt hem should be no longer than the length of the student’s finger-tip.  The sleeves and hem of an undershirt should not extend beyond those of the polo.  Shirts are not required to be tucked in.


All CAS elementary and middle school students are permitted to wear jeans, khakis, cargo pants, jean shorts, khaki shorts, and skirts of an appropriate length.  All pants/shorts/skirts must fit appropriately and be worn at waist level.  Form-fitting items such as jeggings, leggings, yoga pants, and skinny pants are not permitted.  Clothing should not be see-through or composed of leather/imitation leather, lace, or stretch materials.  All articles of clothing must be in good condition and not be frayed, ripped, or cutoff.  Clothing with “pre-cut” holes and frayed portions will not be worn.

Jackets and Sweatshirts:

Students may wear jackets over their uniform polo shirts to and from school and when outside as appropriate for the weather.  Once inside the classroom, students shall remove and hang coats/sweatshirts/jackets or any item worn over the polo shirt.  Hooded jackets/sweatshirts with a front zipper are acceptable, but hoods may not be worn inside of the building; however, they must be completely unzipped in the classroom.


Open-toed shoes may not be worn during school and CAS Care hours due to safety concerns.


  • Backpacks are permitted only for elementary grades K-5. Middle school students are encouraged to carry a zippered binder for organization and storage.  No backpacks, oversized purses, or bags are permitted in the middle school.
  • Sunglasses may not be worn indoors, unless medically prescribed.
  • Any article of clothing that exhibits metal studs or simulated studs is prohibited.
  • Leggings and tights may only be worn as an accessory under skirts, skorts, dresses, shorts, or pants.

 The following attire is NOT to be worn at school or at school sponsored events:

  • Insignias and logos of non-school sponsored organizations that may be associated with gang activities.
  • Belt buckles, jewelry, bandanas, stocking caps, hair nets, rags, gloves, biker wallets or other decorations with initials, gang related symbols or signs.
  • Any clothing directly related to “gang” and or “drug cultures”.
  • Clothing that depicts illegal actions, advertises substances such as alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, or utilizes a double play on words, obscenities, profanity, or is suggestive in any way.

Students appearing on school grounds in violation of the dress code policy shall be counseled and, as appropriate, ordered to change clothes and dress properly for school.  For the first offense, parents will be notified and students will remain in school suspension until dressed appropriately under the uniform dress code.  Second offense, parent and student will have a conference with the administration.  Third offense, parent will be notified and student will have in-school suspension for multiple days or will be required to be picked up by the parent or guardian.

Since student attire trends change, the previous lists will be updated and communicated as needed in order to ensure an appropriate and safe school setting.

Decisions regarding the appropriateness of clothing will be handled by the Administration.


Thank you!

CAS Administration