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AzMERIT Testing Announcement (K-8)

Dear CAS Families:

April is the month for state standardized testing nationwide, and this year, despite the Covid-19 pandemic upon us, both the federal and state governments are requiring all students to test.  This includes students who have been learning in-person with us and also those who have been online.  Additionally, the requirement is that all state testing be done in person at the school.  It cannot be done virtually from home.

In preparation for this testing, CAS has done everything possible to ensure the physical safety of your student.  We had the Bio-Shield company come and spray campus-wide, we have an extra cleaning crew on campus, and all classrooms are equipped with sanitizers.  We are committed to good health for everyone.

Students who have been in person will take their state tests in their classrooms, using the chromebooks that have been assigned to them.  Students who have been online will come to the school campus and will test in the cafeteria.  The large size of the cafeteria allows us to keep appropriate distancing between students.  If your student is usually an online student, you will be notified once the testing time is over, or once your student is finished, to come pick him/her up.

The schedule on the back of this page indicates which grades will test each day.  If your student is in-person, they should come to school at the regular time.  If your student is online, he/she should arrive at school no later than 8:45am and report directly to the cafeteria.

If you have questions or concerns, please call our office at 520-430-3518.


Julianne Toepfer

Vice Principal

CAS Sierra Vista K-8

AzMerit Testing Schedule for Grades 3 – 8

April 6th:     Grades 7 & 8

April 7th:     Grades 5 & 6

April 8th:     Grades 3 & 4

April 9th:      Make-Up Day for students who missed their test this week

April 12th:   Grade 6,  7, & 8

April 13th    Grade 6,  7, & 8

April 14th:   Grade 6,  7, & 8

April 15th:   Grade 5,  6,  7, & 8

April 16th:   Make-Up Day for students who missed their test this week

April 19th:   Grades 3,  4,  5, & 8

April 20th:   Grades 3,  4,  & 5

April 21st:    Grades 3,  4,  & 5

April 22nd:   Grades 3,  4,  & 5

April 23      Make-Up Day for students who missed their test this week

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