Contact Us

Call or stop in today.  We’d love to hear from you.  Or, simply fill-out the form below.  A representative from our schools will be contacting you shortly.

CAS Sierra Vista Campus

900 Carmelita Drive

Sierra Vista, Az 85635                                                                     520-458-4200


CAS High School Douglas Campus

510 G Ave.

Douglas, Az 85607                                                                            520-364-2616


CAS Elementary School                                                                  520-805-6000

919 East 3rd Street

Douglas, Az 85607

CAS Middle School                                                                            520-805-1558

1415 F Ave.

Douglas, Az 85607

In the instance that CAS school phone lines are temporarily disabled due to weather, please call this emergency number:  520-227-1920.  This cell number is to be used only during emergencies when the main phone lines are out.  Thank you.


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