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CAS 3rd and 4th Grade Students in DISNEY ROCKS Concert

Class spelling out “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious”

Thursday, March 3rd Mrs. Reddix and Mrs. Delgado’s classes performed a Disney concert at 2:00 for the students at CAS and 4:00 for family and friends.  The  songs were Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, Bibbidibobbidiboo, Under the Sea, Home, Circle of Life, You’ve Got a Friend In Me, Woody’s Roundup, Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride and Rock Star.  Several students came dressed representing Disney characters from different movies.

Mrs. Reddix’s third grade class members are:  Alfred A., Jonah B., Lillyan C., Deonna C., Aliaz D., Riley E., Aaron H., Reyna J., Tristen J., Logan K., Andrew M., Lucian M., Raul M., Shelby O., Angelica O., Zariyah P., Rodmel R., Jayden R., Angel S., Joseph S., Shanel S., Allison V., Myracle W., and Colton W.

Trenton H. and Shelby O. and “Rock Stars”

Mrs. Delgado’s 4th grade class members are: Yasmin A., Cheyenne A., Carlos A., Raymundo B., James B., Curianna C., Nilka E., Christian G., Trenton H., Tyler H., Emmaleigh J., Elijah L., Bryan L., Serenity M., Elena S., Adaina T., Aubrey T., Natascha T., and Connor W.

Each student was awarded a certificate and a Chili’s kids meal coupon.  Refreshments were donated by the VFW and Bread Basket.  Door prize winners were Savannah Merici (Schlotzsky’s) and Sebastian Gradias  (Domino’s).


3rd and 4th Grades Present Christmas Play

Cast singing Boogie on Down to Brown Street
Cast singing “Boogie on Down to Brown Street”

The 3rd (Mrs. Spragg) and 4th (Mrs. Gooch) grade music classes presented a Christmas play entitled Boo Bear and The Night Before Christmas by Wolfgang Knittel on Thursday, December 10th.

Synopsis:  We’ve all had those moments – moments that happen without warning:  smack dab in a situation, not knowing what to do or where to go.  Everything has been arranged for Boo Bear.  He is to take his trip with Santa on Christmas Eve and be delivered to a lucky little boy and girl.  Ah, but things don’t go quite that smoothly, and Boo Bear takes a different kind of trip, alone and very much afraid.  The afternoon matinee and 4:00 show were well  attended.   The students did an awesome job and many nice compliments were offered.   A very special THANK YOU to Ms. Marshal and Ms. Voshel for lending a hand with the art work.

Aidan B., narrator; Kevin P., a very sad Boo Bear; and Jesus H., Jonathan B., and Kenneth M. –train
Aidan B., narrator; Kevin P., a very sad Boo Bear; and Jesus H., Jonathan B., and Kenneth M. (train)

Door prize winners were Diana Lopez (Peter Piper Pizza) and Carinna Wilmot (Texas Roadhouse).  La Casita donated cookies for the social gathering afterwards.

The third grade class members are:  McKenzie A., Malachi B., Jeremiah B., Jonathan B., Anjel B., Nathaniel C., Kamden C., Kobe c, Armani D., Analeah G., Bryson H., Jesus H., Damien L., Christian M., Isabella M., Michael M., Isabella P., Gabrile P., Jordan R., Jacob S., Syana S., Harley V., Kortlyn W., Casual W., JaShaun W. and Angel Z.

The fourth grade class members are:  Sabina A., Saya A., Faith A., Andrew B., Jonathan B., Aidan B., Travis H., Kenneth M., Alice M., Jada M., Wednesday M., Lillian M., Kevin P., Nickolas P., Aydan R., Jayson R., Logan W., Elijah W. and Anthony W.


5th Grade Celebrates America with a Patriotic Concert

Shaw Stewart recites
Shaw Stewart recites “In Flanders Field”

The Center for Academic Success Fifth Grade class (Mrs. Witt’s) under the direction of Rose Marie Dokken, performed to a full house on Thursday, November 5th.  Nine songs were performed, featuring the use of two part and even three part singing.  The meaning of the Pledge of Allegiance, the American flag, and the poem “In Flanders field” were recited.  Boomwhackers and sign language were used during You’re A Grand Old Flag.  The autoharp was used to accompany When Johnny Comes Marching Home.

The theme was patriotism.  The cafeteria was decorated in red, white, and blue, and patriotic posters to go along with the theme.  Each person in attendance at the 4:00 concert  was given a red poppy donated by the Sierra Vista American Legion.  Miss Mariah Voshel’s fifth grade art class (Ms. Garza) drew patriotic placemats which were laminated and presented to Mr. Ryan Harris, Commander of the Sons of the American legion, in recognition and appreciation of all the good things the American Legion has done and continues to do for our community.

5th Grade singing
5th Grade singing “Blessed Peace”

Members of Mrs. Witt’s 5th grade class are Andras A., Patience A., Adam B., Ashley B., Mikailah D., Ileanna D., Jarod D., Destiny D., Mikaelynn E., Luis E., Marquise E., Nicholi G., Stephon H., Amari L., Stephanie L., Giovan M., Luis M., Madison P., Zackery R., Tyler R., Kira S., Molly S., and Shaw S.

Light refreshments were served following the concert.  Door prize winners were Adrian Dyson (Olive Garden) and Sandra Smith (Olive Garden).  The next concert is our December 3rd vocal concert.

Second and Third Grade Study the Techniques of the Masters

A study of Monet's
A study of Monet’s “Water Lilies” by Second Grade

Second and third grade students have been busy in aftercare embracing their creativity. Second grade students worked with Mrs. O’Brien to model Monet’s “Water Lilies” using Seurat’s style of patterned dots to form a picture.

Third Grade's rendition of Van Gogh's
Third Grade’s rendition of Van Gogh’s “Starry Night”

Third grade worked with Ms. Stewart and Ms. Carmell to create Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” using a paper mosaic method.  The students were more than enthusiastic to participate in this activity after learning about Van Gogh and his painting techniques earlier in the week. The main goal of the activity was to help students replicate the flow of the brush strokes. In many places they succeeded, but they were also encouraged to add their own style into the artwork. The students in 3rd grade worked very hard and are extremely proud of their masterpiece!

CAS is proud to offer art, music, and PE throughout the day to its students as part of a well-rounded education.

Fifth Graders Perform Play:  “The Phantom of the Music Room”

Students perform
Students perform “The Phantom of the Music Room”

Ms. Edgemon’s fifth grade class entertained CAS students, family, and friends on April 1st with their performance of “The Phantom of the Music Room.”  The students set out to solve the puzzle of the mysterious being that haunts the piano in the school’s music room after dark.  The audience is led to discover that the so-called “phantom” is none other than the school janitor!  A matinee was held for the students at 2:00 p.m., followed by a second performance for family and friends at 4:00 p.m.  Performing students included:  Luca A., Rashaud A., Erick B., Andrew B., Maya C., Mackenzie D., Genavieve E., Michael E., Amber G., Jonathan G., Kristie L., Jecorie M., Ryder M., Juan Miguel N., Tamara P., Ashlee P., Khailieca P., Alexys R., Cristina R., Pryscilla S., and Marcus S.  Door prize winners were:  Xavier Van Meter (Peter Piper Pizza) and Michele Eberhardt (Texas Roadhouse).

Fourth Graders Perform Spring Musical

On April 8th, Ms. Delgado’s fourth grade class performed their spring musical concert for fellow students at 2:00 p.m. and at 4:00 p.m. for family and friends.  The program’s toe-tapping numbers included various lummy (rhythm) stick pieces, square dances, and the Tennessee Twist country western line dance to Dumas Walker, by Kentucky Head Hunters.  Refreshments were provided courtesy of Food City and Safeway bakeries.  Performing students were:  Elizabeth A., Andres A., Patience A., Ryan A., Mickenly B., Mikailah D., Ileanna D., Vanessa E., Ariel G., Tony G. Jr., Stephon H., Amari L., Sunshine L., ShaKorlynn M., Giovan M., Celeste R., Tyler R., Arianna S., Kira S., and Molly S.  Door prizes winners were: John Rice (Chili’s) and Leona Christian (Texas Roadhouse).

Come Visit CAS Kindergarten!!

Kinder Round up 2

Target Gives Back in Community Outreach at CAS Elementary

CAS, Center for Academic Success, Gardening, STEM, Science, Elementary School
Kindergarten students are assisted by Target employee as they plant their seeds.

The international retail chain Target Stores demonstrated its commitment to community involvement recently at Sierra Vista CAS Elementary School. Representatives from the store visited CAS on Tuesday, April 26th and brought the natural world with them as they facilitated hands-on lessons with vegetable gardening. Ms. Sarah Kelly, kindergarten lead teacher, states, “It was perfect because it was near Earth Day and normally when we are studying plants and animals already….The kids really had a lot of fun and the Target employees jumped right in to help them.”

Target provided all of the necessary equipment for the garden-themed activities including the supplies needed to plant vegetable seeds. Students were allowed to select the type of seed they wanted to plant and later take the plantings home to continue to grow.

CAS, Center for Academic Success, STEM education, Gardening
Target employees volunteer in CAS classrooms.

Elementary paraprofessional Jessie Carmell served as the school liaison for the event arranging the times and classrooms which participated.

CAS would like to thank Target for offering such a wonderful program at no cost to the school and for volunteering to spend its day with the students of Sierra Vista. Target also included several other local schools in its community initiative. To learn more about how Target supports education and local schools, please visit its website by clicking here.

Sierra Vista Community Chorus Performs for CAS Elementary

Costumed members of the SV Community Chorus perform their final number
Costumed members of the SV Community Chorus perform their final number

May 2015 – Students at CAS Elementary School in grades kindergarten through third attended a Sierra Vista Community Chorus production of Disney musical numbers held in the CAS cafeteria. Adult chorus members dressed in Disney character costumes throughout the performance to bring the spirit of fun alive for the kids. Selections included songs from: “Mary Poppins”, “Aladdin”, “The Lion King”, and “101 Dalmatians”. The chorus even brought a trained show dog who participated in the 101 Dalmatians song.

Chorus member Lindy Gilbert arranged for the production to perform as CAS as she felt students would enjoy the familiar songs and the colorful costumes. CAS administration and teachers agreed that not only would this provide some much needed fun, but that it would also function as an incentive and reward for positive behaviors. Second-grade student Lilly B. stated, “It was so cool…My favorite [part] was all the Disney music. I liked to sing along.” CAS Lead Teacher, Ms. Tomlinson added, “It was great…I loved that they had someone dressed as the Cheshire Cat. The whole thing was a lot of fun; the chorus did a phenomenal job.”

Students and parents can enjoy another chance to “sing along” at CAS’s final music performance at 4:00 6 May 2015. The high school and middle school choruses will be performing a variety show of musical numbers. Show will be held in the CAS cafeteria and is open to the public.

Third Graders Perform Spring Musical

3rd grade musical CAS Center for Academic Success lady libertyThe students of Mrs. Engols’s class at CAS school performed their concert in the cafeteria under the direction of Rose Marie Dokken on Wednesday, March 18th , at 2:00 for students and 4:00 for family and friends.  Some of the nine songs were related to historical events, tongue-twisters, jokes, and storybooks.  Members of the class are Dominic A., Sabina A., Carlos A., Saya A., Faith A., Jonathan B., James B., Natalie B., Aidan B., Dalus G., Trenton H., Jesus H., Tyler H., Travis H., Emmaleigh J., Elijah L., Serenity M., Kennith M., Jada M., Lillian M., Nikolas P., Aydan R., and  Elena S.

A special thank you to Mrs. Engols for granting extra practices and running the sound system.  Door prize winners were Erin Marquis (Texas Roadhouse) and Mary Stoddard (Lawley’s).  Some light refreshments were served after the program.  The upcoming concerts are 2nd grade, March 25th; 5th grade April 1st; and 4th grade April 8th.

CAS 1st Graders Perform Spring Musical Concert

Students perform with various instruments under Ms. Dokken's leadership.
Students perform with various instruments under Ms. Dokken’s leadership.

Led my music teacher Ms. Rosemarie Dokken, Ms. Bernardo’s 1st grade class performed their spring musical concert on Wednesday, March 5th, 2015 for family and friends. The concert featured the use of percussion instruments, small choral groups, and whole-group choir songs. Students have learned to read music and use both syncopation and counterpoint with their rhythms and have mastered bells, tambourines, triangles, and musical sticks. After the concert, families enjoyed light refreshments while celebrating the accomplishments of the class.

CAS, Center for Academic Success, Music, CAS schools, Charter school
1st grade students enjoy showcasing talents to their families.

CAS is proud to offer music, art, and PE throughout the day to its students as part of a well-rounded education. Please join us at one of our many upcoming spring concerts held in the CAS cafeteria at 4:00pm: Wednesday, March 18th; Wednesday March 25th, and Wednesday April 1st.

CAS Celebrates Christmas and Winter Holidays with Polar Parties, 4th Grade Play, & Christmas Around the World

CAS, Center for Academic Success, Polar Party, Christmas
“Magic” indoor snow provides messy fun at the Polar Party.

The Center for Academic Success celebrated the Christmas season with plenty of fun surrounding the holiday in addition to high-quality learning activities. Students in the k-4 elementary held a Polar Party blowout in which students decorated sugar cookies, played pin the ornament on the tree (similar to pin the tail on the donkey), and molded indoor snowmen from “magic” Arizona snow [see photo left].

Students also raced to eat sugared donuts off a string and worked with art teacher Ms. Marshall to create reindeer clothespin ornaments. At the culmination, students selected three different reindeer snack mixes to take along to view the classic cartoon — The Grinch.

CAS, Center for Academic Success
Santa and elves review the “nice” list in 4th grade musical.

Fourth grade classes also performed a winter musical in which Santa decided that kids no longer found him “hip.” Santa then decides to transform into “The Clause” as he proclaims the entire north pole to change into a 1950’s-style workshop. Dual Santas, Mrs. Clauses, and elves set the fun stage for this drama as Santa learns that children still love their holiday traditions. In addition to memorizing all their lines, fourth graders also sang and danced to classic Christmas carols such as “Jingle Bells,” and “Here Comes Santa Clause” in addition to 1950’s classics like “Blue Suede Shoes” and “Rock Around the Clock.”

CAS, Center for Academic Success

Many thanks to both the fourth grade class and Music Teacher Ms. Dokken who made this ambitious musical possible.

CAS also involved family and world-heritage traditions in its holiday celebrations with many classrooms decorating gingerbread houses, researching Christmas around the world, and explaining family food and gift traditions. Classes learned the stories of Father Christmas, Saint Nicolas, and the story of The Magi which have transformed over the years into holiday gift-giving. Although not every CAS family celebrates Christmas, those with differing traditions were able to explain holidays like Winter Solstice, Hanukkah, and Kwanza to their classmates. Several students who do not observe holidays also shared their family traditions and beliefs for this time of year.

Whatever your family traditions, CAS offers you and yours a very Merry Christmas and time of joy this holiday season as we reflect on the year. CAS will observe a half-day with a 12:00 release on Friday, December 19th and will be closed for the holidays for two weeks. Classes will resume on Monday, January 5th, 2015.

Fall Brings Celebrations and Heritage Study to CAS

1st Grade
1st Grade “Turkeys” Perform for Parents and Family.

Ms. Bernardo’s 1st grade class commemorated the coming holiday season with its annual Thanksgiving program. Dressed in turkey hats the students constructed that morning, students recited a Thanksgiving poem and sang “This Land is Your Land” during their 2:00pm show on November 24th. Students also recited items for which they were thankful during the program. After, students and parents enjoyed juice and cookies while celebrating the students’ accomplishments.

4th Grade Native American Dioramas.
4th Grade Native American Dioramas.

Additionally, fourth graders finalized their presentations of Native American tribes, their cultures, and their histories in an oral presentation and dwelling diorama. The classes honored the Native American contributions to our United States democracy while learning about historical native constitutions and inter-tribal contracts. Students even studied and sampled indigenous foods.

Harvest Festival
Harvest Festival

Students have also decorated the hallway commemorating the things for which they are thankful this year. Middle school teacher, Ms. Tacey, organized a turkey with thankful feathers to give students and staff an opportunity to reflect on items in their lives for which they are thankful. Also, the entire k-8 staff had a huge Harvest Festival celebration in After CARE in which students had faces painted, played games, stuffed scarecrows (see picture left) and created thankful murals.

1st and 2nd Grade Fall Music Fest Draws Big Praise

Led by Ms. Dokken, 1st and 2nd graders perform for a full crowd.
Led by Ms. Dokken, 1st and 2nd graders perform for a full crowd.

Oct 7th 2014 — Ms. Meyer’s and Ms. Austin’s 1st and 2nd grade classes performed in CAS’s first-ever musical production garnering applause and appreciation from over 100 parents and family friends. The singers — led by CAS music teacher Ms. Rosemarie Dokken — shared eleven songs most of which had an autumnal theme while others centered on family, friends, and positive attitudes.

1st and 2nd grade students watch Ms. Dokken intently as they sing.
1st and 2nd grade students watch Ms. Dokken intently as they sing.

Dokken, who organized the entire event, stated that she wanted to create a fun atmosphere in which students could showcase their hard work and achievements in music class. She certainly achieved her goal as songs like “Autumnal Equinox,” “There Once Was a Witch,” and “Have you Seen the Ghost of John” all featured musical skills like rhythm and movement while maintaining the fun theme. Students even scarred the audience with a surprise “boo!” at the end of “I’m a little Ghost.”

Students scare audience with their surprise
Students scare audience with their surprise “boo!”

Additionally, songs like “School is Back in Session,” “You’re My Bud,” and “We Love our Grandparents” all showcased a positive message about school, friends, and family. Ms. Dokken even called for all grandparents attending to stand so they could be honored preceding the song about their special relationship with the students.

Parents and family responded with praise stating on surveys following the show that they “love the music program!” and “Can’t believe how much she [Ms. Dokken] could accomplish in such a short period of time.”

CAS also provided refreshments following the show and held a raffle for an elaborately-carved pumpkin (carved by high school student Alyssa Stoddard).  The music program is a new addition to CAS schools this year and, along with the art program, provides students a creative outlet for their passions in addition to a well-rounded education.

Read Across America Sparks Seuss-y Fun at CAS Elementary

Seuss Read Across America CAS Elementary SchoolStudents spent the national Read Across America week in March — a week that commemorates the life and work of Dr. Seuss to encourage reading — reading his stories and creating Seuss themed artwork. Students in our first grade pictured above made their own “Cat in the Hat” hats and are pictured with their favorite Seuss classic. To learn more about Read Across America and fun family activities to encourage reading, please visit:

6th Grader Ethan Johnson Wins CAS School Spelling Bee

Overall spelling bee winners display their award certificates.
Overall spelling bee winners display their award certificates.

After two hours of spelling competition, Champion:  Ethan Johnson, grade 6, emerged victorious as this year’s spelling bee champion. Close behind in second and third place respectively were Grace Kelly, 3rd grade, and  Tyler Richards 3rd grade

About 50+ elementary and middle school students competed in the school-wide spelling bee held Friday, December 13, at 10 a.m. in the school cafeteria. Ethan Johnson  will go on to compete in the county spelling bee to be held in February at Cochise College. Congratulations to all who placed and those who entered as well. Way to “bee”!

CAS Celebrates Halloween with Annual Costume Parade

Happy Halloween! CAS celebrated the holiday with its annual costume parade. Please visit our Facebook page for additional photos.
Happy Halloween! CAS celebrated the holiday with its annual costume parade. Please visit our Facebook page for additional photos.

In keeping with the spirit and tradition of Halloween, CAS elementary and middle school students celebrated Halloween by wearing costumes to school and participating in this year’s annual costume parade. The event fosters a sense of community within the school with students, staff, and teachers dressing for the occasion. Students show off their costumes as they march and collect small amounts of candy. Students also learned and reviewed safety tips to practice this evening such as staying in groups, visiting houses of family friends, and wearing reflective clothing. Elementary students also practiced their manners with a review saying “Thank You,” taking only one piece of candy from a bowl, and allowing younger kids to go first while they waited. Because CAS has a small, self-contained campus, older students are able to mix with younger students in supervised activities such as the Halloween Parade, giving them a chance to demonstrate the social skills they are learning in class.

CAS elementary teacher -- dressed as Jessie from Toy Story -- participates in the parade of costumes.
CAS elementary teacher — dressed as Jessie from Toy Story — participates in the parade of costumes.

Teachers, Parents, and Staff all participate with children as they march in the parade and celebrate the fun holiday. Teachers are encouraged as well as students to participate with costumes and many rise to the occasion each year.

Thank you to our many parents who have adapted the parade as part of their holiday tradition. We love being a part of your children’s lives.  For those who would like to see more pictures, please visit us on Facebook at

Arizona Daily Star Recognizes CAS’s Science of Baseball STEM Program

Image 12As part of the Center for Academic Success’ ongoing efforts to make all subjects accessible and fun for students, CAS partnered with the Arizona Diamondbacks and The University of Arizona to present The Science of Baseball, a STEM program centering on science and math in baseball. The program, created by U of A associate professor Ricardo Valerdi, has already reached over 2,000 students and CAS has been proud to integrate it into elementary and middle school math and science curriculums. Last May, CAS held a kick-off event with the Arizona Diamondbacks (see article below) and continues to use sports and other real-world events to instill a love of learning these subjects. To read the full article by The Arizona Daily Star, please visit the link here.

Elementary/Middle School Participate in National Spelling Bee

CAS middle school students are very excited about having a school wide spelling bee. CAS has registered with the Scripps National Spelling Bee and students will be studying and practicing to have a classroom spelling bee and a school spelling bee. The dates for the school spelling bee will be determined later. School winners will advance to district spelling bees. Further information will be sent home as it is received. Students will have their grade level word list to study and once it is mastered they can continue on to the next grade level word list. Parents can go on to and click on the tab at the top that says STUDENTS AND PARENTS they should then click the link on the left that says STUDY TIPS.

Arizona Diamondbacks “Extra Innings” Program Partners with CAS for the Summer

Students practice their “swinging for the bleachers” techniques under the watchful eye of the Diamondbacks street team member.
Image 12
Student participant rounds bases in velocity/force demonstration.

CAS School has partnered with the Arizona Diamondbacks to bring extra enrichment to their free summer program. Throughout the month of June, students at CAS school can participate in a Science, Math, Technology, and Engineering (STEM) based summer enrichment program free of charge to families. While the free summer program runs each year as part of CAS’s commitment to dynamic education, the Diamondbacks bring a new level of fun and hands on learning to the existing program. The D-backs partnership creates an out of the classroom learning experience as baseball is used in an interactive and exciting way to get students interested in learning about STEM.

Image 10
Students and parents enjoy baseball stadium food at May 16th event.

On May 16th, the Arizona team traveled to the Sierra Vista CAS campus for a kick off event during which students and parents had a great time batting, running, and fielding as they participated in STEM activities and enjoyed ballpark food. Over 150 students and parents came out to learn basic fielding techniques, pitch for accuracy, and hit for the bleachers with members of the Street Team.  Students proudly showed off their baseball and math skills to their parents as they participated in the activities.

The free summer program is open to all existing CAS students grades k-8. Parents must pre-register students in order to participate. If you are interested in registering your student for this summer enrichment program, please contact the elementary school office at 520-458-4200.

Happy Mother’s Day at CAS

First Graders celebrated their mom’s special role in their lives by inviting them to the classroom for a mother’s day breakfast. mothers day 3 Both classes collected favorite recipes from all of the their mothers and created a recipe book to gift to all of the classroom mothers. This special collection was presented to all of the moms as 1st grader shared what they loved the best about their moms. The morning celebration concluded with moms and kids enjoying yummy snacks and sharing moments with their children as they reflected how much each student grew this school year.

mothers day 2A very special thank you to all moms for sharing their child with us everyday! We love seeing your child bloom and grow, and we love being part of their lives.

Happy Mother’s Day to all our CAS mothers.

1st Grade Studies Plant Growth, Celebrates with Yummy Treats

Students in first grade classes at CAS culminated their unit study on plants and seed growth with a special treat — “dirt” snacks made from pudding, crushed cookies, and even gummy ‘worms.’ 1st grade dirt After a two week integrated learning unit on Plants and Seeds during which students examined seed germination, plant biology, and photosynthesis, students were ready to celebrate their learning. Teachers allowed students to add their own layers to individual cups mixing their own “dirt” exactly the way they liked it. Hands on learning like this fun event is one of the many ways CAS makes learning memorable — not to mention yummy — for students. Thanks, first grade teachers, for helping us make plant learning fun.

For more examples of our hands on learning, check out our CAS Facebook feed at “Like” us today for ongoing updates.

4th Graders Practice Standing Up to Bullies 

bully demo4th Grade teacher Susan McConeghy understands how bullying can ruin a child’s self-esteem and distract from the joys of learning, so she planned a unit around anti-bullying techniques. Students at CAS were encouraged to talk about problems with bullies and how these times made them feel. Later, students participated in several stand up to bullies activities with a culminating activity led by a local Martial Arts center (see photo right). Students practiced avoiding bullies by looking out for peers and watching for someone who is being singled out for negative attention. bully confrontAdditionally, students practice confronting a bully verbally telling them to back down with authority. In a debrief, teachers discussed CAS’s zero-tolerance policy for bullying and channels for students to notify teachers and administration if they are experiencing bullying or harassment.

Let’s help keep school a positive place for ALL our students by saying no to bullies. Thanks, Ms. McConeghy, for helping students learn about standing up for themselves and their friends.

Dr. Seuss Comes to CAS for Read Across America

2013-03-089508.30.17Like many schools across the US, CAS elementary school celebrated the annual Read Across America with Dr. Seuss themed activities. Friday, March 1st, marked the celebration of the much-beloved author’s birthday whose whimsical characters have long captured the imagination of old and young alike. CAS first graders read the classic Green Eggs, and Ham and then ate a meal inspired by the book. Older grades read Dr. Dr.Seuss 2013 002Seuss favorites and researched the author’s life creating a biography depicted in a Seuss-inspired way (see picture left).

Read Across America is a nationwide project highlighting the importance of inspiring love of learning and reading in children at early ages. The National Education Associated (NEA) first sponsored the celebration in 1998 and participation has grown exponentially from that time. For more information and ideas of how to inspire Seuss-themed reading and learning in your child, visit:

CAS Elementary & Middle School Teachers Move Students Beyond the Basics  

Naturally, CAS teachers work hard to make sure students are achieving in math, reading, science, history…but our creative teachers do so much

dream board more. Students celebrate cultural heritages, create trivia quizzes on Presidents, and explore math in real contexts like shopping.


Pictured right, elementary students honored Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s famous “I Have a Dream” speech by examining how his dream is still alive and vital in today’s world. Students colored his likeness and reported below how his dream could help those around us who deserve higher equality.

da vinci boardStudents at CAS also explore humanities and the arts through history of important artwork. Pictured left, elementary students studying Da Vinci recreate his famous “Mona Lisa” for a hallway display of the mysterious smiling woman. Fifth graders at CAS have worked recently on math concepts utilized in real world contexts like cooking and shopping. Here (pictured below) students analyzed how much money would be spent at the storemath board for purchasing everyday items. Students then translated the spending into ratios, fractions, and percents to develop a greater understanding of mathematical applications. Thanks to all the teachers who are going “above and beyond” to provide our students with an outstanding education.

CAS 4th Grade Classes Participate in National Noetic Math Contest: 5 Students Receive National Honorable Mention Awards

The scores for the Noetic Math Contest are here! Five of the 4th grade student4th grade noetic maths received National Honorable Mention awards! Nevaeh Catura (pictured right) also won the Team Winner award by getting the highest score here at CAS. The Noetic Math Contest is based on problem solving and thinking skills. The test is very difficult. Led by 4th grade teacher Mrs. McConeghy students took a practice test two weeks before the contest and then practiced for the next two weeks. Almost all of the students improved their scores by 10-30 poi4th grade noetic math (all)nts on the final test! Many of the students doubled their scores. We will participate in the Noetic Math Contest again in the spring!

National Honorable Mention Award Recipients (pictured above:
Nevaeh Catura- Team Winner, Cameron Cooper, Keoni DeRosa, Dante Buscemi, and Bryan Rice

Congratulations to these students and all 4th graders on their outstanding achievements!

CAS Elementary/Middle School Toast the Season with Halloween Costume Parade

In keeping with the spirit and tradition of Halloween, CAS elementary and middle school students celebrated Halloween

by wearing costumes to school and participating in this year’s annual costume parade. The event fosters a sense of community within the school with students, staff, and teachers dressing for the occasion. Students show off their costumes as they

march and collect small amounts of candy. Students also learned and reviewed safety tips to practice this evening such as staying in groups, visiting houses of family friends, and wearing reflective clothing. Elementary students also practiced their manners with a review saying “Thank You,” taking only one piece of candy from a bowl, and allowing younger kids to go first while they waited. Because CAS has a small, self-contained campus, older students are able to mix with younger students in supervised activities such as the Halloween Parade, giving them a chance to demonstrate the social skills they are learning in class. Pictured top: elementary students begin the parade outside. Picture left: elementary teachers participate in and supervise the parade dressed as M&M’s candies.

 CAS Elementary Celebrates Fire Prevention Week

October 7-13 is Fire Prevention Week and Mrs. Engols 3rd graders got to visit local firefighters in our community to learn the importance of fire safety. Fry Fire gave students a tour of the fire house, known as “Station

 One”, which was one of the first fire stations to be built in Sierra Vista in 1956. The students also go to see the inside of the firetruck and ambulance as well as try on some of the firefighter’s gear. When asked what to do in case of a fire, students all responded to call 911 as well as stay

low and have “two ways out” of every room in your home. “The best part was learning the fireman don’t always fight fires but they help people who are hurt and in need during a crisis andthey cook too”, says 3rd grader Turnier P. (pictured left). The only thing missing from the tour was Sparky, the fire dog, who was in his dog house at Station Two.

Elementary/Middle School Art Contest:

The CAS Garden Club is sponsoring an art contest for students in K-8. The contest theme is “The Water Cycle.” The winning color design will be used as a template to paint a mural on the 1500-gallon rainwater harvesting tank at the high school. The names of all the students who enter a drawing in the contest will be included in the final mural design. The deadline for contest entries is Wednesday, Nov. 21. Please turn in entries to the front office, and they will be given to  Mr. Oh!

For more information about the Arizona Water Cycle, please visit:

This is a great opportunity to explore the water cycle with your students.

October Newsletter

2012-2013 Elementary/Middle School Handbook

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