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Douglas Campus

Douglas CAS Elem building

CAS Elementary School

CAS Elementary School

919 East 3rd Street

Douglas, Az 85607

Ph:  (520) 805-6000

Douglas CAS MS building

CAS Middle School, Douglas, AZ

CAS Middle School

1415 F. Ave.

Douglas, Az 85607

Ph:  (520) 805-1558

Douglas CAS HS building

CAS High School, Douglas AZ

CAS High School

510 G Ave.

Douglas, Az 85607

Ph:  (520) 364-2616

The Center for Academic Success (CAS) schools are an integral part of the Douglas community and we take pride in knowing that we are the ONLY “Highly Performing” elementary school in the city as well as one of the top “Highly Performing” charter elementary schools in Cochise County. Our Middle School and our High School have both been “Performing” during the past decade.

Our mission is to prepare our students with the skills and abilities necessary to become successful and contributing members of society. In partnership with students, parents, and community, we will provide our students a superior education within a safe and secure environment.

At CAS High School our goal is to encourage and allow students to reach their full potential through academic confidence and independence. We provide individualized programs to help students bridge the gap to successful learning through flexible tutoring programs and skill-specific classes.

As the CAS district continues to grow and evolve, parents, community, and business members are invited to become involved in our schools. May you find success and fulfillment in your association with the Center for Academic Success.

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