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Welcome to CAS!

STEP 1:  Complete the appropriate Enrollment Form for your student, below.  Please include a copy of your student’s most recent grade card or transcript for class placement purposes only.  This information is requested solely for purposes of ensuring continuity of services upon enrollment and will not be considered in making enrollment decisions.

We encourage parents to schedule a new student orientation prior to enrollment in order to discuss course placement and student services available at CAS.

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Please call (520) 439-3518 to set up your new student orientation

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Please call (520) 439-3500 to set up your new student orientation

STEP 2:  Please complete the Registration Packet, below, that is applicable to your student.  Then, submit the Registration Packet to the front office of the school your child will be attending.  For questions, please call the Elementary/Middle School at (520) 439-3518, or the High School at (520) 439-3500.

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