Sierra Vista Campus

cas sierra vista el.middle.pre

900 Carmelita Dr.

Sierra Vista, Az 85635


CAS schools are located in the cities of Douglas and Sierra Vista, in the southern part of Cochise County, the extreme southeast county in the great state of Arizona. Both communities demonstrate their strong feelings of patriotism and love of country. CAS employees are expected to reinforce these feelings in our school environments. We want our students to understand how fortunate they are to live in this great country; to be unapologetically proud of our country; to understand and exhibit the values upon which this great country was founded; and to appreciate the dedicated service performed by those who wear our nation’s uniforms.

The mission of the Center for Academic Success is to place a strong emphasis on basic skills and responsible citizenship. Technology is utilized to enhance the delivery of effective instruction. Our goal is for all students to acquire the skills necessary for success at the next level, whether that is the next grade level in school, the next course in a sequence, higher education, or the workplace. To achieve this success, we believe that our students must acquire strong literacy skills, be able to do mathematical computations at the appropriate level, and have a strong foundation in science and technology.

Students at the Center for Academic Success will also have an understanding of the concepts and principles that our great country was founded upon.




View our Sierra Vista Campus AIMS scores:

Elementary AIMS Scores

High School Math and Science Scores

High School Reading and Writing Score

Spanish Enrollment Packet

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