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Principal:  Stephen Huff, has been with the Center for Academic Success for over 20 years. He spent the first nine at the Douglas campus before relocating to run the Sierra Vista Campus. His ardor for a successful school is the life force for CAS, as he supports the daily needs of the students and staff to develop the skills and traits needed to be a successful school. With continued support, he has helped elevate the school, and each student to the next level of excellence. He is an avid sports follower with his favorite teams being, the Arizona Wildcats, Cardinals, and Diamondbacks, the Phoenix Suns, as well as the Denver Broncos.  Favorite quote: “Embrace the challenges of each day; make every day better than the one before it.”

High School

Vice Principal, Security & Operations:  Scott Loucks

Vice Principal / Registrar:  Ashley Ridenhour

Administrative Assistant:  Arturo Torres

Elementary (3-5) and Middle School

Vice Principal:  Julie Toepfer

Dean of Students:  Robert Henderson

Administrative Assistant:  Tessa Egbers

Elementary School (K-2)

Administrative Assistant:  Anita Ruiz

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