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Students from the CAS High School Solar Go-Kart Racing Team participated in the Racing the Sun STEM Careers Day field trip to Tucson on Feb 15th.  The purpose of the Racing the Sun competition is to showcase the use of STEM based learning in engineering with solar power as the unifying source for energy. This field trip along with the building of the solar go-kart will be the culmination of what the race will display this coming April 26th at the University of Arizona Tech Park.

Our CAS team visited two different engineering firms and a manufacturing plant where students learned how industry turns CAD projects into finished products through automated robotic tooling as well as good ol’ fashioned manual processes at ANEWCO. Later in the afternoon, students visited three different engineering departments at the University of Arizona where they learned about student-led programs to design and race formula 1 cars and off-road Baja racers. They also visited a computer engineering lab and participated in soldering computer chip circuits, as well as learning about risk management for engineering project in environmental sustainability.

The team will continue to build and refine their go-kart to get ready for the competition this April. We wish the best of luck to the CAS team! To find out more, and how you can also support the team, take a look at the provided link.




Mr. Oh’s 3rd period Principles of Engineering (POE) students are have a great time showing off their solar car designs and racing them for extra credit. Most recently, the POE class has been studying electrical circuits and how to design and apply them to their cars. They then took what they previously learned about gearing and VEX design, (a robotics starter kit), to create a “Zombie Scout Vehicle” powered only by solar panels.

KODAK Digital Still Camera
KODAK Digital Still Camera



Veteran’s Day  is November, 11th. Schools all over the country are not in session to take time to honor the men and women that served our country in the military. The Center for Academic Success understands the value and respect we have for these brave and heroic individuals in our own area and through out the country. Our school community chose to take time out of their busy schedule to have a special flag ceremony lead by our local Civil Air Patrol students, with Airman First Class Tommy Nealis, Cody Benge, Erin Benge and Daniel Thomas presenting the colors to the crowd of several hundred students and staff. Ever opportunity to educate our students concerning our national patriotism, pride, and historical significance, is what we embrace and believe at CAS. Thank you to all the Veterans in our local community and countrywide from the CAS students, faculty and staff.


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