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PULSE Paints Musical Mural

Pictured (L to R):  Juan Miguel N., Ashley P., Olivia G., Cipriana G., Khalieca P., Mackenzie D., Alexys R., Amber G. and Maya C.

Pictured (L to R): Juan Miguel N., Ashley P., Olivia G., Cipriana G., Khalieca P., Mackenzie D., Alexys R., Amber G. and Maya C.

The south wall of campus now has a mural celebrating music, thanks to Mrs. Dokken’s middle school choir, PULSE.  Choir members started the project on May 6th, painting the wall with a simple, white base coat.  The following Monday, the students could be found carefully outlining the templates of the picture.  Vibrant colors were added over the next two days.

To encourage teamwork on the project, the students’ names were put in a hat and drawn out to decide who painted letters, staff lines, or the clef.  The students enjoyed working on this project, even while finding out that it is not as easy as it looks to draw or paint on cement.

CAS School Choice Week

By Nayali Haro, 8th Grade

Center for Academic Success sounds like the name of a high and mighty, stuck-up, prestigious school right?  Well we are just like any other school—we have classes, teachers and students.  Center for Academic Success is also known as CAS.  Here at CAS we value the saying, “higher standards; higher expectations,” and all of the students and staff push hard to achieve that work ethic.  This week CAS is participating in school choice week.  School choice week is something showing why we chose CAS and why we like it here.  Here are a few reasons why we like CAS.

Flickr_NatSchoolChoiceWeek_Balloons_800pxCAS is a great school.  Some things the students value are smaller classes, a strong curriculum, caring teachers, and a strict no bullying policy.  Smaller classes make it easier to focus and it’s easier for the teachers to give one-on-one attention to students who may be struggling or have questions about assignments and other work.  The teachers are caring and always want the best for the students so they try and connect with all students.  When you need anything you can always talk to the loving teachers at CAS.  Although they may seem a little rough on the edges CAS has some pretty amazing teaching staff.

CAS is full of school spirit, it practically flows throughout the halls of our school.  Our school is so full of life and school spirit.  We have a strong student council and students who once they’re heard they become as powerful as their words could ever be.  We have students who have so much potential and they always show it through extra-curricular activities and pep-rallies.

All together we love CAS and wouldn’t ask for a better school.  We have amazing teachers, amazing friends and have so much fun.  CAS offers so much for students and that is why we love it here.  I can honestly say that I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

Sierra Vista Elementary and Middle School Spirit Week is 10/26 -10/30

spirit week

Spirit Week

Yearbook Sparks New Interest in Students

History is being made at CAS! This is the first year that students will have a yearbook, and have creative input on the structure and aesthetics of the yearbook. Although nothing is set in stone just yet, members of the yearbook club have said they’ve made it very student friendly and want it to feel like every class has their own unique trait. In previous years, CAS has not had a yearbook only adding to the excitement for the new addition to our school. Julie Mendoza, Senior, said “I love that each class gets to choose characteristics for the yearbook that seems really fun.” Mendoza also mentions that she feels like many other students will enjoy the way that the yearbook will be constructed around them. Mrs. Hughes, Journalism and Yearbook teacher said “I’m just hoping that this year’s yearbook captures the enthusiasm and pizazz of the CAS community.

The yearbook should highlight all that CAS has to offer, especially the great things our students have accomplished and been a part of throughout the school year.” Mrs. Hughes has mentioned that yearbook is off to a great start and hopes that the first CAS yearbook will set an example for many yearbooks to come. If you have any suggestions for yearbook themes and ideas or are seeking advice, please visit the suggestion box in the front office.
–Allison Zavala, Senior

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