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CAS Dress Code Policy

Before you dash to the store to pick out that perfect, new “back to school” outfit, please take a moment to read through our dress code policy below. 


A dress code creates an environment that is free of distractions and encourages appropriate behavior so that students may excel academically.  Students at CAS will be expected to conform to a uniform dress code.  This uniform shall consist of a solid red, white, or navy blue polo shirt, and khaki or denim pants, shorts, or skirts.

Tops: Red, White, or Navy Blue (solid colors only)

Short or long-sleeved collared polo shirt, with no pockets, in the approved uniform colors.

Plain, red, white, or navy blue long-sleeved shirts/t-shirts may be worn under the polo shirt during the winter months.  The shirt/t-shirt must be appropriately sized and must not extend beyond the hem of the polo shirt.

Only one polo shirt at a time may be worn.

A light-weight, front-zippered jacket may be worn inside the buildings; however, the jacket must remain unzipped and open while inside.  NO SWEATSHIRTS MAY BE WORN.

Bottoms:  Blue jeans, Black, or Khaki/Tan:

Jeans, straight-legged trousers, shorts, and skirts in the approved colors are permitted.

All bottoms must be in good condition and hemmed (not frayed, ripped, cutoff, or containing holes).  Pants/shorts must fit at the waist.  Shorts, skorts, and skirts are to be no shorter than finger-tip length.

Not Permitted: 

  • Cargo pants/shorts
  • Joggers (sweatpants), jeggings, leggings, yoga style pants
  • Pullover sweat shirts
  • Lace, see-through clothing
  • Leather or leather type material
  • Sagging or oversized pants


Heavy coats/jackets do not have to follow the uniform colors and are to be worn outside of the building.  Heavy coats/jackets are not to be worn during classes.

Trench coats are not permitted.

Hats and Scarves:

Hats/head gear may be worn outside with the brim/beak facing forward.  Scarves may not be worn due to safety.


Students may not wear open-toed shoes due to safety concerns.  Shoes with laces must be fully laced up and tied.  The same applies to Velcro strap fasteners.


  • No sunglasses are to be worn inside the building unless medically prescribed.
  • No bandanas or bandana print headgear, or du-rags of any kind may be worn on campus at any time or at any school sponsored activity.
  • Any item of clothing that contains metal studs or simulated studs of any type is prohibited.
  • Lanyards are to be worn around the neck or tucked entirely into a pocket.

Students appearing on school grounds in violation of the dress code policy will be counseled and may be asked to change into appropriate clothing.  For the first offense, the parents will be notified and the student will remain in class so long as the clothing is not disruptive to class learning.  On the occasion that the clothing is disruptive to class, the student will be removed from the classroom and the parents will be required to bring a change of clothes for the student.  After the second offense, the parents and student will have a conference with the Administration.  Following the third offense, the parents will be notified and the student will be given in-school suspension for multiple days or will be required to be picked up by the parent or guardian.

Since student attire trends change, the previous lists will be updated and communicated, as needed, in order to ensure an appropriate and safe school setting.  Decisions regarding the appropriateness of clothing will be handled by the Administration.


DRESS CODE (High School)

A good school-learning environment is created when students have an appropriate, well-groomed appearance and conduct themselves properly.  Anything that tends to detract from this environment is unacceptable.  The following guidelines shall apply to all regular school activities:

  • Sunglasses, hats, caps and other head coverings shall not be worn indoors. Only medically/religiously required headgear, approved by the principal, may be worn indoors.  Sun-protective clothing must comply with District and school site dress and grooming standards.
  • Clothes shall conceal undergarments at all times. See-through or fishnet fabrics, halter tops, off-the-shoulder or low-cut tops, and bare midriffs (showing the stomach) are prohibited.  Skirts or shorts shorter than 4-inches above the top of the knee are prohibited.  Swimwear, pajamas, nightgowns, and blankets are not appropriate school wear.
  • Pants with holes, rips, or tears that are more than 4-inches above the top of the knee are prohibited.
  • Clothing or accessories that advertise such substances as alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, or utilizes double play on words, obscenities, profanity, is gang-related, or is suggestive in any way are prohibited.
  • Clothing or accessories that depict illegal actions or use of fire-arms may not be worn.
  • Trench coats are prohibited.
  • Jewelry which poses a threat to the health and safety of students or which by its size or appearance is distracting in the learning environment (i.e., jewelry with sharp edges or which is so long or dangling as to pose a safety hazard).
  • Shoes must be worn at all times.
  • All tops must have a minimum of two fingers-width of material over the shoulder and must conceal undergarments. Sleeve openings can hang no more than 2-inches below the armpit.
  • Hooded sweatshirts and jackets must be worn with hoods down.
  • Exposed lanyards and chains hanging from the waist area are prohibited.

Students appearing on school grounds in violation of the dress policy will be counseled and given a first warning.  Repeat offenders will be sent home, as appropriate, in order to change clothes and dress properly for school.  Students may initially be counseled by the teacher with a follow up referral.  A student who willfully and continuously violates the policy may be subject to suspension.

Since student attire trends change, the previous lists will be updated and communicated as needed in order to ensure an appropriate and safe school setting.

Decisions regarding the appropriateness of clothing will be handled by the staff and/or administration.


Thank you,

CAS Administration

The 2016-2017 School Year Begins August 10th at CAS


CAS Sierra Vista to Hold K-12 Open House Event on August 8th

open house flyer

1st and 2nd Graders Perform Spring Musical for Family and Friends

Tuesday, April 12th, the 1st grade (Mrs. Engols) and 2nd grade (Miss Azzabi) classes performed a musical play entitled “Spring Starts Here!” for family and friends.  The story centered around Max, the groundhog, played by Carlos A.  Believing nobody likes him, Max stays in his hole and makes spring wait.  A collection of spring animals plan how to wake the groundhog amid constant April showers.  In the end, Max’s fears are put to rest.  To everyone’s delight, umbrellas turn to rainbows, and the April showers open up to reveal May flowers.  A total of eight songs were beautifully sung by the students.  Thank you parents for arranging for your child’s costume and supporting our music program by your attendance.  A good time was had by all.

Rabbit suggests they play a trick on the groundhog. Students left to right – Alexis A., Adriana H., chancellor M., Taylor N. and Adrian E.

Rabbit suggests they play a trick on Max the groundhog. Students left to right – Alexis A., Adriana H., Chancellor M., Taylor N. and Adrian E.

Members of the 1st grade class are:  Carlos A., Alexis A., Lenora C., Matthew C., Adrian E., Kaitlyn G., Sergio G., Ella G., Julian H., Adriana H., Abrianna L., Lexanny M., Taylor N., Faith O., Sienna P., Eddie P., Davi R., Leonardo S., Gavin S., Melanie T., Damien W., Riley W., and Sha’Nya Y.

Members of the 2nd grade class are:  Alex A., Yamali A., Samuel A., Damien B., Jasmine C., Jayden C., Josiah C., Rebecca C., Abigail D., Ahlen E., Aryana F., Sebastian G., Brendan F., Camron G., Marisela G., Jael H., Jasmine J., Joseline L., Yanissa L., Chancellor M., Kyle M., Carter R., Jasmine S., Analise S., Aidan S., Ella S., Liliana V., and Kaya W.

Educational packets and certificates were awarded the participants following the program.  Lunch was provided by the Windemere Hotel and VFW.  Door prize winners were Sonia Aponte (Sonic) and Christina Flores (Dominos).