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NED Show Promotes Positive Attitudes

NED's interactive program teaches positive life lessons with a fun twist.

NED’s interactive program teaches positive life lessons with a fun twist.

The NED Show came to perform for students at CAS Middle School in Douglas on August 18th.  NED is a character education program that promotes positive attitudes and encourages students to do their best every day.  Named after the show’s main character, NED is an acronym that stands for Never give up, Encourage others, and Do your best.  This program has been performed all over the United States, including the White House.  They have also toured internationally in the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand.  Both the students and their teachers enjoyed plenty of laughs, and are looking forward to applying what they learned to prevent bullying, build relationships, and continue to keep the kindness going.

CAS Middle Schoolers Capture Solar Energy in Homemade Solar Ovens

CAS Middle School Science Project Sierra Vista

Students remove the chocolate chip cookie after baking in their solar ovens.

Ever wonder how solar energy works or how you could make a solar oven from recycled or found materials? Just ask one of our middle schoolers! CAS middle school studied solar energy, light refraction, and geometric construction in a unit that culminated with cooking chocolate chip cookies in their own solar ovens. Click here to read the delicious whole story of project-based science at CAS.