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The 2016-2017 School Year Begins August 10th at CAS


CAS Sierra Vista to Hold K-12 Open House Event on August 8th

open house flyer

Preschool to Hold Open House on July 21st

Preschool flyer  Open House

1st and 2nd Graders Perform Spring Musical for Family and Friends

Tuesday, April 12th, the 1st grade (Mrs. Engols) and 2nd grade (Miss Azzabi) classes performed a musical play entitled “Spring Starts Here!” for family and friends.  The story centered around Max, the groundhog, played by Carlos A.  Believing nobody likes him, Max stays in his hole and makes spring wait.  A collection of spring animals plan how to wake the groundhog amid constant April showers.  In the end, Max’s fears are put to rest.  To everyone’s delight, umbrellas turn to rainbows, and the April showers open up to reveal May flowers.  A total of eight songs were beautifully sung by the students.  Thank you parents for arranging for your child’s costume and supporting our music program by your attendance.  A good time was had by all.

Rabbit suggests they play a trick on the groundhog. Students left to right – Alexis A., Adriana H., chancellor M., Taylor N. and Adrian E.

Rabbit suggests they play a trick on Max the groundhog. Students left to right – Alexis A., Adriana H., Chancellor M., Taylor N. and Adrian E.

Members of the 1st grade class are:  Carlos A., Alexis A., Lenora C., Matthew C., Adrian E., Kaitlyn G., Sergio G., Ella G., Julian H., Adriana H., Abrianna L., Lexanny M., Taylor N., Faith O., Sienna P., Eddie P., Davi R., Leonardo S., Gavin S., Melanie T., Damien W., Riley W., and Sha’Nya Y.

Members of the 2nd grade class are:  Alex A., Yamali A., Samuel A., Damien B., Jasmine C., Jayden C., Josiah C., Rebecca C., Abigail D., Ahlen E., Aryana F., Sebastian G., Brendan F., Camron G., Marisela G., Jael H., Jasmine J., Joseline L., Yanissa L., Chancellor M., Kyle M., Carter R., Jasmine S., Analise S., Aidan S., Ella S., Liliana V., and Kaya W.

Educational packets and certificates were awarded the participants following the program.  Lunch was provided by the Windemere Hotel and VFW.  Door prize winners were Sonia Aponte (Sonic) and Christina Flores (Dominos).